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Get Your Tickets Today!!!

Get Your Tickets Today!!!

By Melissa Flynn

Moving on does not have to mean action. My inaction can be considered progress. I’m still thinking. I’m still planning. I just need some time before I can put it all into action.

My constant exhaustion, pain and soreness has caused me to consider my mobility—action versus inaction. I’m stressed. I’m sleepy. I’m thirsty. Wine anyone? I seemed to have gotten sidetracked.

I believe I was discussing my moving on. The fact that I’m not out running a marathon doesn’t bother me much. If I were twenty years younger, maybe I would be upset. I’ve moved on from wanting to be in the WNBA. Just kidding. I don’t think it was a thing back in my day. I make myself sound old, huh? I’m not really that old. But believe me when I tell you, sometimes I feel as if I’m eighty.

Exercise and age aside, I’m moving on with my plan to share. I am moving on with my plan to spread the word. And I’m inviting you to spend a few hours in an environment guaranteed to bring people together.

A Seminar In Empowerment and Moving On

Sunday, 14th, July 2013
CoCo Key 3580 E. Main Street, Waterbury, CT 06705

Starts: 4:00pm – Ends: 7:30pm

Speakers: Melissa Flynn



Sunday, 21st, July 2013
Omni Hotel 155 Temple Street, New Haven, CT 06510

Starts: 4:00pm – Ends: 7:30pm

Speakers: Melissa Flynn




Advanced Tickets: $25
At the Door: $35

Door prizes, Local Vendors, Giveaways, and a Raffle


Must be present to claim prize.
Phone: 203-707-3918
Fax: 203-303-7225

A PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS WILL GO TO FUNDING THE PEORA TYSON CANCER RESEARCH SCHOLARSHIP FUND (established to help a deserving student study oncology) In honor of my mother who died of cancer on Feb 28, 1996.

So get your tickets now. Call, email or fax to request a guest registration form. Or you can click on this link and buy a ticket online. Tickets for Driving Forward may be purchased at: https://july2013.ticketbud.com/maomdfs .

You can also call us and pay with a credit card over the phone. Or we can snail mail you a guest registration form. It’s all pretty simple. We believe in giving you options.

First you buy your tickets. Then spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues and group members.

And if anyone has a book or business that they would like to promote/sell, we still have a few vendor tables available. Just ask and I can send you the form.

Also, there is always room for one more sponsor.

For any forms, email movingontoinspire@gmail.com. You can also call 203-707-3918 or fax us at 203-303-7225.

See you soon, as we move on, hand and hand.

Painfully Moving On

These last few weeks have been painful, and I mean that literally. Besides my ongoing shoulder issues, my left foot, my left ankle, my left hip and a bottom tooth have joined the ranks of ‘things that get on my nerves.’

Here is how it started.  A few weeks ago, I sat in my comfy chair – writing, as I do. Reclined with a window open, I enjoyed a bag of Stop and Shop brand Gummi Bears. I popped a red one in my mouth. Crunch?

“That’s weird.”

I ran to the bathroom mirror, only to see a bloody tooth hanging from the root. I guess that’s the last Gummi Bear that I will eat for a while. They were good though.

I’m sure you are thinking, “I need to know this because…?” Well, with my tooth extraction, tooth infection (dry socket) and the pain pills to heal me, my ‘moving on’ has been at a standstill.

That’s not 100% true. I am moving on in my relationships. I’ve told those who need to know that I’m done with the games. I’m done with the do-over’s.  I’m ready for the next chapter in my life.  Whether I like it or not, life is going to keep coming at me. As Grandma Malissia always said, “Life waits for no one.” So, ready or not, things will work out better if I join in.

It’s just the next apartment move that I haven’t done much with yet. I have another couple of months, but it will be here before I know it. And, this body of mine is not working with me. So, if anyone knows where I can get a new one, please share.

When I was 15 years old, I used to wish I could hurry and get older. That shows how much I knew. I had no idea that getter older meant physically getting older. I just thought it meant that I could make my own decisions; no one would be telling me what to do anymore. I could go to the store and buy whatever I wanted.  (That’s really funny, because I’m now thinking “with what money?”) I could see the world and meet famous people. NOT.

There should be a high school class called ‘What Life is Really Going to be like When You are an Adult.’

As an adult, I have seen the country and met lots of people – not necessarily famous people, just people. I don’t mean for that to sound trivial. I think people are what are important in this world. As I move on, I want to meet more people. That’s how you learn. And, I never want to stop learning.

Side note: The Middle and Modern Family — hilarious!

Anyway, as I was saying, I’m going to keep spreading the word that, pain and all, we must keep moving on and trying to see the world. Age is not supposed to be a hindrance to achieving ones goals. I think someone even said that “Life gets better with age.” Someone else said, “With age comes wisdom.” I guess I should meet these people and find out their secrets.

The holiday weekend upon us makes me think that most likely people are out there meeting new people, as I sit here typing. Obviously, I’m home. Not for long; as soon Tuesday gets here, I’m out. Things to do. People to see. Or, is it the other way around? Who knows?

So, for this weekend and post-surgery times to come, help me see the world through your eyes. Tell me where you have gone lately, and who you have talked to. Are you moving on? Or are you just moving? Either way, I’m curious.

I have a little over two weeks before my shoulder surgery, and I’m beginning to get really nervous. I feel like a kid who knows he is going to get a shot at the doctor’s office. My shoulder surgery is a bit more complicated than that, but the fear is the same. Part of my worry is the seclusion that comes afterwards. I think it might be bad if I were out driving after surgery with my left arm – seeing that I’m right-handed. Any thoughts? I’m a pro; I can handle it. I drive with my knees all the time. Oh, you know I’m just kidding, right?

I’ll be good though; I’ll stay in. But, my ‘moving on’ will continue. I may not be physically moving, but things still have to get sorted out. I’ll be searching for places and trying to find some money. By the way, I’m always open to ideas on where to find money. So, please don’t hold back on me. And, keep me in the loop with what’s going on. My mother always did say that I was the curious one.