Does anyone know what this means?



First one who can guess right gets a prize.

Here is a hint. Melissa is …….. .. again.



Miss Molly and Me

wpid-wp-1399694434524.jpgI never knew I needed her until I met her.
The first time I saw her, she was sitting in a chair next to my mom in her hospital room.
I never imagined that 18 years later my mom would be gone, and Miss Molly and I would become friends.
It’s nice having someone who was with my mom during her last days.
It’s nice having someone to share my grief with.
When I am down and need to vent, she listens to me.
It’s nice having someone by my side, while I am moving on.

Thank you, Mom

Twenty-five years ago, my mother gave birth to a strange, wrinkly creature. And it turned out okay. Pretty cool, huh?

Okay. Maybe it wasn’t twenty-five years. But let’s pretend it was.

I share this to say, life can be crazy. Life can even be sad. Life is often hard.

And sometimes, life is okay.

Thanks, Mom!